Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can my dog go up or down stairs after surgery?

    Your pet may use stairs. We advise against free access to stairs, so that you can be there to provide assistance as needed.

  • Is it normal that my dog has not defecated after surgery?

    It is typical that many pets do not have a normal bowel movement for 2-3 days after surgery. Between the preoperative fasting and pain medications that were given many animals can take several days before they become regular again. A small amount of canned pumpkin can help.

  • When can my dog have a bath after surgery?

    We discourage putting your dog in a bath or shower until he is allowed to return to normal activity. If he/she is starting to smell you can use waterless shampoo wipes or some other waterless shampoo. These are readily available at pet supply stores.

  • How long do I need to sling walk my pet of total hip replacement?

    You should use a sling under the belly for 4 weeks. The sling prevents them from slipping and falling and also prevents excessive spinning if they are excited. 

  • How much can my pet walk after a TPLO?

    It is important to keep your pet on a short leash during recovery. They can go for 5-10 minute walks for the first two weeks twice daily. After suture removal, you can increase the duration of walks to 10-15 minutes twice daily. You should not walk your pet more than 20 minutes twice daily until your doctor advises otherwise.

  • My dog just had a TPLO. Is it normal for there to be a lot of swelling around his foot and ankle?

    Yes, there is a lot of swelling that redistributes after the first few days. It will go away with time. If the swelling does not seem to be resolving after the first week please contact the office.

  • What can I bring when my pet stays overnight?

    We have plenty of comfortable, warm bedding. Please bring any prescription diets or medications that they need.

  • Does my dog need to stay overnight?

    This is something to discuss with the doctor. Some animals may benefit from injectable pain medications or may need more help getting up that the overnight nurse can provide. The cost of stay is included in the estimate.